Customer Code of Conduct

Effective: 1st January 2019

We want to provide a service that allows consumers to easily compare firms based on past experience, recommendations, reviews, quality of service, expertise, location and also price.

We endeavour to meet:

In order to help us provide a meaningful service to consumers, we ask that as a provider of legal services you strictly adhere to the following principles:

  • ‌If you are:
  • I‌f we are supplying an instant quotation to a consumer on your behalf then you guarantee that the quotation shall be the same price or less than if the consumer had contacted you directly.

We also ask that you endeavour to do the following:

  • Provide clear and accurate information about the service you will be providing.
  • Give a realistic estimate of the timescales for any transaction to proceed and complete based on your own past experience.
  • Complete fee information for all add on fees listed within the ADVC8 Platform (for example for conveyancing matters - leasehold, mortgage admin, newbuild etc.). If you do not charge an add on fee then enter the fee as £0 (this will show as ‘no additional charge’ when your quotation is generated).
  • If you are offering a ‘fixed fee’ quotation make it clear on what basis a quote may be fixed and provide details of additional charges that the consumer may be required to pay, for example work done for a lender.
  • If you are offering a ‘non completion no fee’ guarantee make it clear on what basis the fees are not payable and what disbursements (if any) are not covered by the guarantee.
  • Not to agitate consumers by making excessive attempts to communicate with them and respect any requests from the consumer to receive no further communication from you.
  • Avoid estimating legal fees at an unrealistically low level that could then impact on the quality of service you are able to deliver to your clients.