Reputational Management and New Business
Generation for the Legal Sector

legalex innovation award winner 2018
legalex innovation award winner 2018

What is ADVC8?

ADVC8® is the dedicated reputational management and new business generation platform for the legal sector

New transparency regulations mean that the way customers find and compare legal service providers is changing. We believe that choosing between legal service providers should be about more than just comparing legal fees.

In a marketplace where price comparison is becoming more commonplace, differentiating your firm on the quality of service you deliver is more important than ever. ADVC8 helps your law firm to build, manage and enhance its online reputation, and generate new business too.

What ADVC8 offers your firm

Reputation Monitor

Actively monitor your firms profile across multiple review platforms.

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Reputation Builder

Build and enhance your firms reputation by obtaining customer feedback.

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Business Boost

Connect with new customers looking for legal services and grow your firm.

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ADVC8 Reputation Monitor

ADVC8 actively monitors your firms profile across multiple review platforms - notifying you of new feedback about your firm.

£29 + VAT

per month billed monthly


ADVC8 Reputation Builder

Demonstrate your Expertise

Use ADVC8 to build and enhance your firms reputation through a personalised online profile tailored to demonstrate the expertise of your firm.

Firm Profile

Customer Experience Collation

Collect detailed feedback from your past customers about their experience of using your firm, and use that feedback to win more clients in future.

Tailored to the Legal Sector

Our product is tailored to meet the needs of the legal sector - we allow you to build detailed feedback on the factors that matter to a potential customer when choosing a law firm.

More than just 'Star Ratings'

We offer more than just ‘star ratings’ - we collect detailed client feedback about customer care, value for money and your knowledge and expertise from the client’s perspective.

Constructive Feedback

Demonstrate Compliance

Use ADVC8 to demonstrate compliance with certain Client Care Outcomes and Indicative Behaviours

Advc8 can help your COLP demonstrate that the following Client Care Outcomes from the SRA Handbook are being achieved and that your firm is delivering its service in line with the Indicative Behaviours below:


You treat your clients fairly


You have the necessary resources, skills and procedures


The service you provide to clients is competent


Clients receive the best possible information


Agreeing an appropriate level of service with your client


Clearly explaining your fees and if and when they are likely to change


Warning about any other payments for which the client may be responsible


Providing the [fee] information in a clear and accessible form
£59 + VAT

per month billed monthly


Business Boost

Join ADVC8 Business Boost and help new customers find your law firm.

Firm Comparison

Through our consumer facing legal services comparison service, new customers can find the right firm for their legal needs and enquire with you directly.

Place an Advert for conveyancing services with us today and generate additional website visits for your law firm. Other services such as probate are coming soon.

Simply pay for the new business leads and adverts you place with us at our standard rates.

Conveyancing Adverts from £5+VAT (CPC) | Probate Leads from £25+VAT


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